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Part of the team behind the most popular MOOC, Introduction to Philosophy

Pioneers of interactive and engaging design

A complete design, video editing, and course building support for all platforms

Online Education
Online Education

Experience ranging from creating online Masters degrees and short PD courses

Pioneers of Digital Learning at Scale projects

Course design, video editing, and support for major virtual learning environments

Websites and Databases
Websites and Databases

Developed to present small and large scale data sets and information banks

Aimed at maximum clarity and simplicity

Making your content easy to access, navigate, and understand


We approach every project individually, with solutions tailored to your specific needs.


The right pacing, presentation and aesthetics will help to keep your learners engaged and interested.


Really understanding your content is our first step in designing materials that capture and enhance it.

About us

TELdesign Limited specialises in high quality digital learning design and production of learning materials. We help you identify opportunities and find bespoke solutions. Creative course design is our specialty: we know each case is unique and think out of the box to find what will work for you. To achieve this, we approach each project with an understanding of the subject area, ensuring that the technology fits your specific needs.

We work with large institutions looking to develop credit or award bearing courses, as well as smaller organisations in need of CPD and training tools.

We realise that knowing where to start can sometimes be the most challenging part. We’re here to help! Simply send us a message for a free consultation:

Meet the team

Dr Simon Fokt, director and founder of TELdesign

Simon is an award-winning specialist in online education and learning technology with eleven years of experience working at the universities of St Andrews, Leeds, Edinburgh, Kings College London, University of Law, HTW Berlin, as well as with businesses such as Audi, Deutsche Bahn or Lidl. He has been championing innovative approaches to higher education, using digital solutions to improve and transform traditional ways of teaching. His core strengths lie in course design and producing learning resources, with his creative approach and academic experience leading to the creation of most engaging student experiences.

Dr Jemma Pilcher, partner at TELdesign

Jemma specialises in learning design and technology in environments such as Moodle, Learn and Articulate. With four years of experience, she has worked with universities such as King’s College London, University of Edinburgh and the University of Law, as well as businesses such as Vitesco Technologies and Simpleshow. Her core strengths lie in creative visual and UX design and great attention to detail in the development of learning materials.

As experienced academics, both Simon and Jemma have first-hand experience of both class and online teaching, as well as a deep understanding or research priorities and various challenges faced by modern lecturers and teachers. This offers you the unique opportunity to work with people who understand the day-to-day priorities and practicalities of learning and teaching, and can communicate effectively with academic colleagues to create bespoke solutions that suit their specific needs.
Our experience includes work on five separate online Masters programs, creation of business-ready staff training courses, a number of blended learning courses in both the academic and business settings, as well as the creation and management of ten Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), including the most popular MOOC of all time, Introduction to Philosophy.


Learning online

Our staff have broad experience in offering instructional design and learning technology support for online for-credit courses, ranging from short training to entire Masters programmes. Courses they worked on include:

Online programmes for King’s Foundations

Supporting the Pre-Sessional and the King's International Foundation programmes in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic

Two Online MA’s for the University of Leeds

Design and development of the MA in Applied and Professional Ethics and MA in Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics

Two Online MSc’s for the University of Edinburgh

Design and development of the MSc in Epistemology, Ethics and Mind, and MSc in Philosophy, Science and Religion

New agent training for Readwiser

A short course screening applicants and introducing new employees to the details of media analysis work

Course design wireframes for Aula

High level course design for courses imported into the Aula LMS for various universities in the UK

Staff training for Deutsche Bahn

Short Articulate Storyline courses done in collaboration with the Simpleshow studio


We have been involved in the design, production and running of a number of Massive Open Online Courses listed on platforms such as Coursera and edX. We worked on such popular titles as:

Data Ethics, AI and Responsible Innovation

This inspiring MOOC offers a uniquely broad approach to most pressing topics in modern data-based life. Delivered as an open course and as part of Masters degrees for Scotland-based data scientists.

Link to course

Introduction to Philosophy

An incredibly popular MOOC introducing you to some of the main areas of research in contemporary philosophy. With over a million students this has been the most popular MOOC for several years running.

Link to course

Know Thyself

Another Philosophy MOOC, this time with a very practical twist. This 3-part course is an adaptation of a campus-based course, and uses some innovative methods to present content.

Link to course: part 1

Link to course: part 2

Intellectual Humility

A heavily animated 3-part course with a very timely topic. The project involved invited speakers from institutions around the world.

Link to course: part 1

Link to course: part 2

Link to course: part 3

Websites & Databases

Elegant websites for your teaching, research projects, conferences, training sessions.

Created for simplicity and easy navigation, our sites are attractive to the eye and user-friendly. And that means friendly for you as well, making updating them breeze.

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Complex designs

My Journey is a website for students travelling on exchange programmes, preparing them and guiding through the process. It involves multiple pages, a travel blog with multiple contributors, a showcase of institution to visit, and a number of interaction tools. All content is searchable using complex search and filtering tools.

Simple designs

The Scottish Aesthetic Forum is a small research seminar project hosting several invited speakers each year. The website reflects this, offering a simple and transparent design with all relevant information clearly available at first sight.

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Learning databases

The Diversity Reading List is a large database of teaching texts, featuring thousands of content items listed in hundreds of categories, and inviting users to contribute new content. The project is very content-focused and thus the site design is simple and transparent, offering multiple ways of finding and filtering content, and displaying all relevant information in an accessible way.